Doing homework is a waste of time

Is homework helpful yes or a waste of time no? Teacher Tortures 10-Year-Old Boy In Ogun For Not Doing His Homework (pic) / Checkout This Homework Given To A 5-Year-Old Pupil (Photo) / When Teacher Forgets And You Want To Remind Him Of Homework (Photo) (2) (3) (4) This is an article i saw on page 45 of the PUNCH newspaper published on friday 24th of April, 2009reads: "some teachers in Liverpool during association of teachers and lecturer conferences claims that homework is a waste of their own time and the children's said it is a a time that could be used for more profitable on effective learning both in and out of the classroom." My own view of this is that in Nigeria, most homework given to children are puzzles meant for the parents since thy help their ward in solving the question without many students actually grabbing the problem in question. i dont think its a waste of time but rather an opportunity for parents to help their children understand their studies better. This may be the only constant/daily opprotunity you'd have as parent to check out the school standard; method of teaching, type of example or teaching aids used, relationship between lesson and school curriculum/legislated curricula. the thing na se if una no complete am dey go beat u wicked teachers I believe homework is a way of refreshing the memory of the child on what the child has learnt at school. The student might think that it is a waste of time and also time consuming but if you do not copy the homework and do it on your own it helps you to summarise.

Why homework is a total waste of kids' time - The Local Because the classroom environment is such a a charged and very competitive atomosphere,some children may find it difficult to understand things properly and fast enough.homework has never been and can never be a waste of time cos it's a way of testing the student's understanding of the work being done in school or keeping the student busy by giving him/her work that is yet to be covered. In addition to how well your child is learning.definitely not a waste of time but in nigeria una too dey over do am. It also gives parents an idea on what the child has been taught and on how well the child understands what he or she is taught. But by the time he had finished his research he was convinced that homework should be abolished. “I found out that teachers have been giving homework since at least 1480,” Himmelrath, an educational journalist, told The Local. “And there has also been research into its effects on children for the last 130 years.

Is homework a waste of time? The BEST advice I was ever given was: Do your homework. Doing my homework has helped me made success of my life and career. It is most definitely not a waste of time; it gives kids an oppurtunity to practice what they learnt in class and give the parent the oppurtunity to see what progress the child is making in school work. I would like to add that homework also give parents opportunity to check out the standard of teaching in their children school; the kind of homework the teacher gives your child may reveal how good the teacher is in his/her profesion. Homework is definitely not a waste of time. When you're learning something new, repetition can help to commit it to memory. During the class period, teachers have limited time to teach students, so by giving homework, they can extend the learning time and also help students commit what they have learned to memory.

Homework is a waste of time. Junior I support homework and lots of it too, to keep the child busy and far from unnecessay TV's and, its not a waste of time. We all hate homework, but is it really important that we do it? Is doing homework good for us or is it simply a waste of time? This debate sets out the arguments on both sides. Homework is an assignment that students are given to do at home. It might be a continuation of classwork or a new piece of work. It may also be preparation for the next class.

Reasons Why Doing Homework is a Waste of Time Aha!NOW They are at an impressionable and highly distracting phase in their lives, so revisiting their school work goes a long way to help them remember thingsits also a time for bonding with their parents. It's key to reinforcing valuable concepts that you pick up in coursework. Here's a viewpoint on why doing homework is a waste of time and how it should be used otherwise. Students are often burdened with doing homework assignments. But, it is possible to use this time instead for doing other productive tasks or even for intended procrastination, which may in-turn help increase productivity.

Is homework a waste of time? ACS International Schools Kids especially need to d things over and over before they know it so home is a good pratice for thembut here in nigeria, we find out that it is the parents that actually solve the question and not the student itself. Homework has always been one of the biggest challenges to school and home life, causing family tension, stress and time pressures. Research from Stanford Graduate School of Education conducted amongst 4,300 students highlighted that over 56 per cent considered homework to be a primary source of stress, whilst others reported increased levels of anxiety, sleep deprivation, exhaustion and weight loss.

Homework is a waste of time and should be abolished, say. The student does not really unstand the subject matter. Homework should be abolished for primary school children because it is a waste of their time, teachers declared today. It damages relations between parents and children and causes tears and upset.

Why Do We Have Homework? Wonderopolis Take for instant, a parent once came to me to give an answer to a qualitative appitute test meant for a pry 2 student. Parents rarely get to spend much time with you while you're at school. Homework allows them to keep up with what you're doing in your classes on a daily basis. But you don't have homework purely for your parents' benefit. It's good for you, too! Homework can help you become a better student in several different ways.

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