How to write in bold in latex

How to write letters in bold in the math mode? - TeX - LaTeX. Nevertheless you will find the \bm and \boldsymbol traditional commands don't work. In mathematics, a letter, say, g, can stand for a scalar, while a letter in bold, e.g. g stands for a vector. Here is my question How can one turn the letter into bold in the math mode? For e.

A very basic guide to start writing in LaTeX right now You can nonetheless specify how you want it to deal with your bold math symbols using an option while loading the %run this with Xe La Te X!! A very basic guide to start writing in LaTeX right now. Italics, Bold and etc. To italicize or bold use \textit and \textbf. If you want bold-italic text nest one in another.

Fonts - How can I get bold math symbols? - TeX - LaTeX Stack. \documentclass \usepackage[bold-style=ISO] %\usepackage[bold-style=Te X] \setmainfont \setmathfont \begin This is common math $O(\log n) O(\lambda,\,\epsilon)$ This is bold and italic $\mathbf \mathbf$ where it must :) \end In order to have just one command for both bold text and bold math, one can use the solution suggested on La Te X Community (/forum/viewtopic.php? Editing this solution slightly in order to incorporate the \documentclass[varwidth = 10cm, preview] \usepackage \usepackage[math-style=ISO] \usepackage \defaultfontfeatures \setmainfont[Scale = 1.0, Ligatures = Common] \setsansfont \setmonofont \setmathfont \begin \section* If we have \(\symbf \vee \symbf\) and \(\symbf\), disjunctive syllogism (classically known as \textbf, and also known as \textbf or ) is the rule that lets us conclude \(\boldsymbol\therefore \symbf\). While \bm and \boldmath are some good options in LaTeX, modern packages for XeLaTex can give a lot more control over the fonts from the very beginning, without the need to use commands different from the standard \mathbf that every one expects naively to work the first time one tries to write bold italic characters.

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